As a highly skilled drummer of wellgrounded musical knowledge he provides a sound and reliable foundation for bands and solo artists. His personal trademark is his intentionally minimalist playing style, which leaves space for the desired atmosphere, letting each song breathe.

He grew up with bands like Deep Purple, ACDC and Jethro Tull, but he found his own voice in artists like Timbaland, Wu-Tang Clan and Blackstreet, which sparked his passion for rap and r‘n‘b music and the hip hop culture early on.

As a producer and sound designer he was involved in the production process, from arrangement, creating SFX , dialog editing, until final mix and mastering, always eager to make a song the best possible version of itself.

Backing Band

In 2019, Holger formed a professional backing band that performs and records material for other artists, live and in the studio.
The group‘s favorite genre is hiphop/r‘n‘b, but they are open to any kind of pop music.
Their primary focus is, always to make sure to perform songs with the most authentic feel to make people dance and give them a moment in time.

Sound Design

Early on after graduated 2008 SAE Institute Stuttgart, Germany, Holger started to get involved in field recording on set and audio postproduction. He created several soundtracks and SFX for short films of different genre.

In Summer 2022 he started getting into Game Audio making his first experiences with Wwsie, Unity, and Unreal Engine, to elevate his gained knowledge in music production and and film to a more comprehensive level.


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