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As a highly skilled drummer of wellgrounded musical knowledge he provides a sound and reliable foundation for bands and solo artists. His personal trademark is his intentionally minimalist playing style, which leaves space for the desired atmosphere, letting each song breathe.

He grew up with bands like Deep Purple, Rolling Stones and Jetro Tull, but he found his own voice with bands like Fanta 4, Puff Daddy, Blackstreet, which sparked his passion for rap and r‘n‘b music and the hip hop culture early on. He has played live for artists such as Murat Ince & Nal Band, Drachenflug and Circus Flic Flac.

A childhood dream was fulfilled when he colllaborated with DJ Sleepwalker for the Kulturpalast Billstedt. Among others, he also created the film score and the sound
design for the „Jack Black“ movie on behalf of director Carolina Rath.

As a producer he was involved in the music production process, from arrangement until final mix, for artists like Kaan (singer-songwriter), Alper Ersoy (Turkish rock) and Samuele Longo (rock), always eager to make a song the best possible version of itself.

Since 2014 he’s working at the Creative Music School in Hamburg (Germany) as a drum instructor.

Backing Band

„In 2019, Holger formed a professional backing band which performs and records material for other artists, live and in the studio.
The group‘s favourite genre is hiphop/r‘n‘b, but they are open to any kind of pop music.
Their main focus is to always make sure they perform their songs in the most original and authentic feel as possible to provide the best experience for the audience.“

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